Katie Russell, Professional WilderbabeTM

I have limited quantities of really nice deer skins for sale. These are hand pulled, fleshed, and wet salted. They range in price from $20-$30 depending on size and quality. Please contact me for availability and shipping quotes.

Contact me now to get on the waiting list, supplies are limited!

I may be able to fill special orders for rawhide, buckskin, furs, and hair-on buffalo hides. Contacting me through email is the best way to find out what I’ve got right now!

Raw Deer Skins for Braintanning


        Tan your own deer hides with these beautiful raw skins

                       HAND PULLED, NO SCORE MARKS!

Deer toes are great for a variety of projects, from anklets that jingle as you dance, rattles of all types, and decorations for buckskin clothing and bags.  These are clean and trimmed and ready for you to drill.  Sizes vary, and we typically send a variety of sizes. I can also send all small or all large toes at your request.

I also have deer dewclaws which are the small “toe” on the back of the deer’s leg. I really like dewclaws for small bags or more delicate projects, like the bag shown here.